Canada's Only Group Garbage Program For Small and Medium Sized Businesses
Save 40% or more on garbage services
Straight-away we start by Eliminating Fees
  • fuel surcharge
  • environmental fees
  • minimum tonne charges
  • regulatory cost recovery charges
  • recyclable material offset charges
  • invoice admin fees
Then, we get you best price for your service
  • determine frequency of service
  • facilitate contract buy-out
  • eliminate long term contracts
Front Load and Roll Off Dumpsters
MYNMAX Garbage Program services commercial waste generators of all sizes. Whether you are small business owner, real estate developer, property manager, facility engineer, or the operations manager, we can help you save thousands on your business’s Front Load and Roll Off waste bill as compared to a national hauler.
Join the Group Garbage Program
With so many of our members with garbage bins, it's a no brainer to provide a service to combine volumes into one share group.
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