We want big business pricing for all
Entrepreneurs and small businesses shouldn't have to pay a lot for the products they need to run a business. We work hard everyday to make sure that we make things right.

Four Fixes

Combine purchase volumes to create Share Groups
Negotiate best price on frequently purchase products
Make pricing and products available nationwide
No minimum volumes or long-term contracts
Share Group
As a share group MYNMAX is treated as a single customer representing it's members buying interests. As a single customer, MYNMAX is free to negotiate with suppliers to secure enterprise pricing and benefits not available to entrepreneurs and small businesses on their own.
Share Group Mobility
Over 10,000 members that enjoy savings of 40% or more on their mobility bills.
Share Group Merchant
Over $60 million in combined transaction volume, saving members over 20%.
The Share Group You Want
Our members want the best products at the best price. We are committed to our membership of entrepreneurs and small businesses that have between 1 to 30 employees.
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