Who are we?

We are an online Collaborative Buying Marketplace offering Share-Group Programs for businesses and their employees.

What we do

We combine the annual purchase volumes of our members to generate greater savings for everyday business-related products and services.

How we do it

We design and negotiate Collaborative Buying Programs with our partner vendors to achieve savings of 20% or more. Every purchase made by our members are done through the buying program.

Collaborative Buying Programs


Mobility plans starting from $45/mo, devices & accessories.

Office Products

Stationary, paper, breakroom, facility supplies & more!

Office Furniture

Desks, tables, chairs & more!


Multi-functional printers, toner & servicing.


Laptop & desktop computers, software, accessories & more!


Document shredding, water bottle service, entry mats etc.

Save BIG on Mobility Plans!


Who we work with

We work with small and medium sized businesses to get better pricing than national corporations.

Why choose us

  1. No Minimum Volumes – The best part about the MYNMAX member network is that we all contribute to minimum volumes to get national pricing.
  2. No Contracts - We don’t sign long-term contracts, and neither should you. We are never bound by contracts because our volumes increase everyday with the addition of new members. New volumes daily, means re-negotiating pricing daily.
  3. Automatic Pooling – It doesn’t matter what you are buying MYNMAX will set you up with the Collaborative Buying Program that generates a minimum of 20% or more.
  4. One Stop Shop – We have all the general business consumables available at your finger-tips. Whether its toilet paper or printer toner, we’ve got you covered.
  5. On Demand Buying – We produce the best results for businesses that buy very little or infrequently. It doesn’t matter if you buy in quantities of one or if you make a purchase every six months you will always have access to national pricing.

How to save

We automatically pool the buying volumes of your business with other members of our Collaborative Buying Network.

Five more ways we maximize your savings:
  1. Get immediate savings on all your business needs.
  2. Get bigger savings when we add more members.
  3. Watch savings increase in real time through our automated shopping service.
  4. Save more when you pick a payment method with lower fees.
  5. Receive one invoice for all purchases.

Vendor Programs

These are just a few of the Vendor Programs available through the MYNMAX Platform.


Get It. Together. ™
Join a large customer network that purchase the same products and services that you do. As more customers join the network the savings and terms just get better.
First Class Support
We become an extension of your procurement department. We design and develop the best volume buying programs to achieve maximum savings and efficiency.
Price Monitoring
Achieve peace of mind when anyone in your company buys. The MYNMAX team ensures that you are getting the best products at the best price using our automated monitoring tools.
Vendor Management
We have relationships and contracts with multiple suppliers, and you have access to it all through our network.
Single Source Billing
Simplify your accounts payable process by receiving all of your invoices through MYNMAX.
Online Access
Access vendor information, invoices, promotions and more using the MYNMAX Hub.
Savings Guarantee
Regardless of your purchase volume, we can guarantee savings!
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